The Cavan Burren: tour

Click on any item in the archaeological / historical sites list below to see a detailed discription and photo slideshow. Placing the curser over the text will display a single image of that site. The map on the bottom right of the page shows the location of each site.

Archaeological / Historical sites

1. McGourty/McGovern Lime Kiln

2. Tullygobban Hill Wedge Tomb & Ring Cairn

3. Boulder Tomb

4. Promontory Fort

5. Lanliss "Giant's Table"

6. The Burren Dolmen, "Calf House"

7. McCaffrey's Lime Kiln

8. Wedge Tomb "Giant's Leap"

9. New Portal Tomb

10. Wedge Tomb, Legolough

11. Legolough Court Tomb

12.The Haggard

13. Cairn Dolmen

14. The Rocking Stone

15. Limekiln beside Sandy's bog

16. Sandy's Bog

17. Two shelter walls

18. Lightning Stone

19. Druid's Chair

20. Bog Bank

21. Druid's Alt

22. Haggard

23. Smith's walls - ruin

24. Round Enclosure & Huts 1 + 2

25. Huts 5 - 13

Recent Discoveries in The Cavan Burren / Marlbank area

Prototype Tombs / Modified Glacial Erratics
"Prototype tombs are in fact modified glacial erratics which have been used for funereal purposes. They have not been found anywhere else in Ireland. We have for long suspected that they were tombs but did not get confirmation until last summer. They are very special - the missing link between the natural monuments (glacial erratic pedestal rocks) and the built megalithic monuments!!!.

Numerous other modified glacial erratics in the Cavan Burren and surrounding area (some incorporated into relict field walls) are also suggestive of sacred space and may have served as loci for ritual deposition in prehistoric times."

Séamus Ó hUltacháin 2009

Click Here for photos of Cavan Burren modified glacial erratics.
Click Here for photos of Cavan Burren Boulder Burial.

Other recent discoveries include
Numerous examples of Atlantic Rock Art. Click Here for photos.
30KM of remnant wall.
160 House or hut Sites Click Here for photos.
Settlement features under bog

See the video section for videos on recent discoveries.

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